Outlook & Insights

la casa / the house

The RIFUGIO FRIULANO – with a living space of 150m2 on 3 levels – is situated on the highest point of the street village just opposite the church of Sammardenchia.

il pianterreno / ground floor

At the ground floor you can find the living-kitchen, a toilet and the basement. From this level the terrace and the front yard (il Prato) can be reached.

il primo piano / first floor

The first floor can be entered via the main entrance of street level / parking space. Here the bathroom with shower and toilet is situated. The two sleeping rooms offer seven beds. The master-bedroom and the youth-bedroom with two separated beds.

il secondo piano / second floor

The second floor can be reached via the wooden staircase. Here you enter a room which delivers a fantastic panoramic-view at three sides. At the front there is a generous balcony.

il prato / terrace and front yard

The ground floor is connected with the terrace – a wonderful place e.g. for a brunch – leading to the „Prato“ with a cosy place under the old olive tree just next tot he remaining walls of the old osteria.

il giardino / the garden

At the hillside underneath the RIFUGIO FRIULANO the garden is situated – full of young and thriving olive trees, fig trees and diferent herbs like rosemary, mint and salvia. 

A perfect place to experience yourself and nature.